We have negotiated special discounted hotel rates for conference participants at Clarion Hotel The Edge (which is also the conference venue), Clarion Collection Hotel With and Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora, all at a price of NOK 900 for a regular room. The price includes a full breakfast buffet. We have also reserved rooms as a discounted rate at Comfort Hotel Express at a price of NOK 750 for a regular room, breakfast not included.

Please note that reservations made using the special discount code is non-refundable.

We recommend conference participants to consider staying at The Edge, as we in this way can make the hotel fully occupied by the conference and the conference participants, allowing for lively scientific discussions into the long hours of the white nights.

Once you have completed your registration for the conference, you will receive a hotel registration code that you can use when booking you accommodation at the conference hotels to get the reduced rates. To book rooms at any of these hotels, please follow this link.

NOTE: Due to limitations in the booking system, a search for rooms may suggest there are no available rooms at the discounted price. If this happens, either try again a bit later or contact the hotel directly by e-mail:

  • Clarion Collection The Edge: cl.theedge .at. / kine.konst .at.
  • Clarion Collection Aurora: roger.beck .at.
  • Clarion Collection Hotel With: lina.carlsson .at.
  • Comfort Hotel Xpress: tina.lorentzen .at.
Include in the e-mail the booking code you received when registering for the conference, full name, date of arrival, date of departure, phone number and e-mail address.

The reduced rates are available for the period 9-19 July 2019, and availability of rooms is based on a first come, first served basis, so we recommend to register early for the conference and to also book your accommodation early if you have special preferences for hotel.